Things To Know About A Smartphone Before Purchasing

Smartphones are now made by different companies with different operating systems, like Android, Ios, etc. Purchasing a wrong phone with large sum of money will be the greatest mistake one has made during his decision.

Before one has to buy a phone, he or she should have read the reviews and specifications about the phone. With such reviews and specification one is guided with the basic and necessary information needed.
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There are many fancy smartphones with beautiful colors, but when it comes to smartness they are dumb.

Know This Before Purchasing A Smartphone

On this article i have brought out what you need to check on before purchasing a smartphone online or in shops.

1. Battery Capacity

The battery capacity of smartphones are measured in (mAh). Some smartphone batteries has capacity of 2000mAh and this is very low, because the phone with such batteries can’t even last up to 24 hours, you may be lucky during the specifications and reviews you get to know about the charging speed. Battery plays vital role in phones, so consider it first if you are in place or work where there is power supply problems. Consider buying smartphones with battery capacity ranging from 2500mAh Upwards.

2. Processor

Processor is another important component of a smartphone. Processor of smartphones are measured in core, like mine is 1.3 GHz Quad-Core, considering this depends only on the purpose of buying the phone, some phones hang during use and this alway piss me off. Series of phone with too high or low processor encounter the problem of heating. Websurfers and addicted game players should consider this when purchasing a smartphone.

3. Memory (RAM)

I would have talked of ROM, but you can expand it by purchasing external storage (Memory Card). RAM is the acronym of Random Access Memory. The larger the RAM depends on the functions therein (multitasking), RAM only depends on the purpose you bought the phone. It is advisable you buy smartphones with higher RAM to avoid hanging.

4. Display

Display determine the touchscreen colour. Some phones are made with primary colours. According to me the more the colour the more it consumes battery, but phone with brighter colour are good for use.

5. Camera

Good quality pictures is what good smartphones are know for. Smartphones with front and back flashlight are good for picture, so go for it. You must have review of the camera online or from a friend before entering into market. The high the pixel of camera the higher the quality and brightness of the camera, vice versa.

6. Speakers

Have you ever play music using earpiece?

Do you notice a very nice pleasant bass sound produced?
All this question are meant for you.
When buying a smartphone speaker should be loud enough.

7. Phone Size

It only depend on how you want it, not all phone are mobile so, It is based on choice, larger phones are good for home and office use.

8. Warranty Duration

I would advice you to buy phone with at least 1 year warranty, so that in any form problem is detected in the phone with the period of warranty, it can be easily returned for replacement.

Note: Buying Smartphones is based on choices, it only depends on choice for you to select a good smartphone.

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