Simple Way To Fix Invalid IMEI Error on Android Device.

IMEI error notification causes a network problem which doesn’t let you make and receive calls on your mobile phone.

A friend of mine encountered this problem when his Phone got a problem, so he decided to flash the phone and went to a nearby phone repair, but to my surprise, after paying for the job done, Three days later, he came to my home complaining that his phone could not recieve or make calls. To cut this story short all this problem was cause by invalid International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI).

A lots of android users especially Tecno and Itel users experience this Invalid IMEI error notification.
If you encounter such problem and you don’t know if it is IMEI error drag down your top notification area and check if your sim card line name appear, if not then it will should Invalid IMEI,or Go to Dialer and Dial *#06#.

There are ways this problem may also start up.

  • After installing ROM.
  • After upgrading the android version.
  • After Factory Reset (Restore Factory).
  • There are many ways to fix this problem either using computer or apps, but i will try my possible best to explain it in a simple way.

    Requirements To Do This Action

  • Your Android Device Must Be Rooted.
  • IMEI code.You must use your original IMEI, you can locate it at the back of your phone.
  • Download Uncle Mobile Tool App.


  • After download and installing the app, remember to grant root permission to app.
  • Phones With Dual Sim cards sometimes have two IMEI code.
  • According to Terms Of Use TechLabel is not liable for any damage done to your phone, if you decide to go beyond Instructions.

    Steps To Use Uncle Mobile Tool

    I urge you to adhere to instructions strictly and religiously.

  • Open The Uncle Mobile Tool App.
  • Go To Engineering Mode.
  • Under The Engineering Mode Select Engineering Mode (MTK) containing some lower text.
    “Modify IMEI, Test Tool, Parameter Adjust Tool”.

  • Click On Connectivity. It is located in line with “Telephony” and “Hardware”.
  • Select Common Data Service (CDS) Information beneath the connectivity.
  • Under Common Data Service select Radio Information
  • Two Option will be provided namely;Phone 1 and Phone 2.

    NOTE: Some Android SmartPhones has two IMEI kindly copy down the two if your own has. But if yours has only one insert it to both text box/input area

  • Select Phone 1
    For Sim 1 & in the input box clear and enter AT+EGMR 1,10″Your (1st) IMEI Number”
    [eg AT(space) +EGMR 1,10″56456464646″]
    and click Send AT Command button, you’ll be notified “AT Command Sent”. Go back.

  • Click on Phone 2 for Sim 2. Right in the input box clear the initial text and enter AT+EGMR 1,10″Your IMEI Number”
    [eg AT(space) +EGMR 1,10″56456464646″]

    and click on Send AT Command Button you’ll be notified “AT Command Sent”.

    NOTE: Your Browser may show box-like structure like this 10″56456464646″, replace the two boxes with (“) quotation mark.

  • Reboot Your Phone check your IMEI by Dailing *#06#.
  • Any Problem Encountered During This Process, Please Dont Forget To Share It Via Comment Area. And if you also have a friend with such problem refer him/her to our site. Thanks.

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