Some Reasons Why Your Mobile Phone Turn Blank White.

I encountered this problem when I was using Nokia C1-01. So therefore am writing this article based on experience. There are somethings that happens to your mobile phone that makes it turns blank white, this happens sometimes when you are browsing or immediately you switch on the phone, Moreover, there are many reasons why your phone might turn white blank.

Early 2010, Nokia C1-01 Classic-2 was launched, I liked the phone and bought it. I used the phone for the period of three months, there after this particular problem started.

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Some people becomes afraid when their phone suddenly turns into full white screen.
Below am going to list out the possible reasons why your phone turns blank white.

1.Exposure To Liquid Content

This was the major reason why my phone turned white blank, a little quantity of water caused great damage to the screen of my phone, which led to replacement with new one. Water enter the phone most especially from the headset speaker area.

2.Unsupported Battery

A lot of mobile phones do not support more than one type of battery, a good example of that is Nokia 2700 classic-2, this phone do not support black batteries, when you insert this kind of battery into your phone, it will never charge, but it might turn on. Unsupported batteries sometimes may be the cause why your phone turn blank white.

3. Virus

Virus is a malware which is dangerous to make a dysfunction of mobile devices.
Mobile phones are commonly attacked by cyber virus and major virus from application recieved or downloaded. Your mobile phone may freeze and turn blank white while you are using it, this is sometimes caused by virus.

4. Out-Dated Device.

Out-dated mobile phone are at the verg of spoiling, there is high tendencies of the phone been attacked by different problems. So if you are using an out-dated phone there is no need of repairing it, just replace it with new one, because when you repair the phone, it will still develop another fault.

5. Device That Had Under-gone Repair

Mobile phones that have been repaired is highly prone to develop faults, before i replaced my Nokia C1-01 after repair this blank white problem started up in my phone. And honestly speaking, phone repair is one of the major causes why it turns blank.

6. Corrupt Applications

Downloading and recieving application with virus cause alot of problem including this above listed title problem. After downloading such app the virus accumulate and later develop to a problem.

7. Websites With Virus Content

There are thousands of website with virus contents, I encountered the problem when I used my first smartphone which was Samsung Galaxy S5, I was surfing for a topic, I google searched the topic, entered the first website on the first page search result, read the content one the first website, I also did same to the second, but when I clicked on the third website, my phone hanged,turned white and went off. I repeated this action, but it still yield the same thing, then I marked the website as one that contains virus. This also happened to some of my friends

8. Over-Heating

After a long duration of use, some phones especially phones with metallic body cover or case, becomes so hot that you can’t even make the phone touch your skin. When it becomes so hot, it suddenly turns off or blank.

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