How to prolong your smartphone battery lifespan

How To Pro-Long The Life Span Of Your Smartphone Battery

Long lasting battery is one of the best feature a good smartphone should have, most of us gets pissed off whenever our phone shutdown during use. As we all know smartphones batteries are made with lithium-ion or lithium-polymer.
Alot people do always complain of battery use duration, but you should have it in mind that smartphone batteries don’t last too much as other phones, you might be lucky to have one that can last up to 20 hours, But, if you make uses of phone for text messaging and calls only, then your battery can last as long as possible for you.

How To Pro-Long The Life Span Of Your Smartphone Battery

Below are some things you should do, and I consider it as essential tips to be noted.

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1. Unplug Phone When Fully Charged

Although smartphones are equipped with chips that protect them from absorbing excess electrical current once they are fully charged, right in that same smartphone, when fully charged request you to unplug. But, it is better to unplug the charger once it is charged fully and allow the battery to discharge, then you charge back when it reaches to 20% or below for an extended battery life span.

2. Use The Supported Phone Charger

Always ensure that you are using charger producing output voltage (V) and current (Ampere) that is approved by the phone’s or battery manufacturer. Using wrong chargers might charge your phone very fast or slowly, and charging you phone very fast equally lead to fast draining or discharge. Some of the batteries are labelled with the appropriate charger to use. You can check it at the back of your battery. Also note that, cheap chargers are dangerous both for your smartphone and its battery. So If you are using right charger, they can actually preserve the battery life span.

3. Activate Power Saving Mode, When Power Is Low

Power Saving Mode will save power by lowering the screen brightness, turning off data,wifi,bluetooth and other connection, turning off unnecessary notifications in some smartphones and most especially reducing the phone’s performance.

4. Turn Off Data, Wifi, Hotspot Connection When Not In Use

This is the most common mistake that almost 80% of smartphone user do make. Most connections like wifi, hotspot, gps and other might not be the cause of your battery been drained, but data connection when switched on, most especially drains up the battery life. You might have noticed this sometimes. You may be the type that likes browsing at night and this is one of the problem you face the next morning after you might have slept off leaving your data connection on, so to save you from all this problem, I advice you schedule your phone to switch off at an appointed time.

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5. Reduce The Display Brightness

High Display brightness do not only affect the eyes, but also affect the battery life, i.e the higher the display brightness of your phone, the higher the draining speed, vice versa. Reducing display brightness sometimes is done, when you activate power save mode, you might also do this manually through your phone battery settings, by doing this you are reducing the colour pixel and density or sharpness.

6. Avoid Phone Over Heating

People who intend to make the battery of their phone last longer, should make sure their phones don’t become overheated, because high temperature eat up the lithium-ion present in batteries, leading to quicker deterioration. When it is over heated you are advised to allow the phone to cool down, then you can start it up again.

7. Avoid Frequent Charging

Frequent charging of device causes damage on the lithium-ion batteries and limit the life span of the battery. It is sometimes adviced you do not drain your battery till until it is 0%, but at least 15% for emergency purpose.

In Conclusion, I recommend you purchase power bank for backup.This can make your phone to last longer.

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