How To Monetize Youtube Channel/Video And Make Real Money

Monetize Youtube Channel Videos / Apply for Adsense

Youtube is one of the best place to make money online. Due to the large number of visitors and its uniqueness, youtube has emerge to be the third most visited website in the world.

There are many youtube channel and stars that makes millions of dollar monthly/annually and hundreds of dollar on daily basis for just uploading their videos.

Here on this article we are going to discuss everything you need to make money on youtube in details. Making money on youtube is not a get rich quick business/deal. It only depends on the information contained in your video and your popularity. You can learn How To Create Youtube Channel And Upload Video before we proceed. If you already have channel then lets proceed.

It’s nice to make money online. Hope this is what you were looking for.

There are several ways you make money from your youtube videos, but the best and most popular way is through Adsense. I would like you to pay more attention here, check out below on how to get adsense ads approval and enabled on your youtube channel.

Steps To Enables Ads On Your Youtube Channel

  • Log into Youtube account and Click on Creator Studioby clicking on top right channel icon.
  • Click on the Channel from left panel. You will see boxes, the third box is for Monetization. Click on Enable Monetization.
  • Read and agree to the YouTube Partner Program terms of service.
  • Sign up for Adsense. If you have an Adsense account, then you can connect your YouTube channel to it. When signing up for Adsense, fill all the details correctly.Verify your phone number at the final stage.
  • You have successfully applied for Adsense.
  • NOTE:Getting adsense approval is not too strict on youtube monetization, you dont need too many videos on your channel, but you must have a videos with at least 10000 views, before applying for adsense. Dont be sacred you can still make it.
  • How To Monetize All Your Videos

    All videos in your channel cannot monetize itself, you have to do it your self.

    If you have a lot of videos on your channel and want to monetize all at once then follow this steps.

  • Go to Creator Studio and Click on Video Manager
  • Select all the videos on the first page, you will be a notified like this “All 30 videos on this page are selected. Select all your videos”
  • Click on ‘Select all your videos’and a drop down menu will show up.
  • Click on Monetization from drop down menu that appeared and click on Submit.
  • NOTE: When This your setting is under processing you would not be allowed to do any editing on your videos, so dont be sacred.

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