How To Increase The Internet Speed Of Your Window Browsers.

The most effective method to Increase Your Internet Speed With One Simple Trick: You may have seen while observing any video on YouTube, the advertisement stack speedier than the recordings. Do you know why? This is all a direct result of DNS server. Here in this article, we will demonstrate to you best practices to utilize Google DNS server to boost your Internet speed.

DNS (Domain name server) is an arrangement of numbers that are assigned by your ISP to connect to the internet. DNS converts your space name into an IP Address and after that connects to your ISP to stack pages over the internet.

The Default DNS gives you the less bandwidth territory which influences your internet to speed limited over the network. Yet, you can change the default DNS to the Google DNS which will give you the most extreme bandwidth limit.

You will experience a noticeable change in speed in the wake of switching your Default DNS to Google DNS. The strategy I am will share underneath might look confused, however it’s super easy. Here’s the means by which to change Your Default DNS to Google DNS.

1) Open your windows computer and after that go to Control Panel and after that select the alternative Network and Sharing Center

2) Under Network and Sharing Center tap on Change Adapter Settings.

Increase internet

3) Here you will see every one of your networks, pick the network that you utilize and afterward right tap on it and after that select Properties.


4) Presently under networking tab pick the choice “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” and after that tap on Properties.


5) Here you have to pick the choice “Utilize The Following DNS server addresses” and under that enter the estimation of Google DNS that is or and after that tap on ‘alright’


In the wake of setting up every one of these things, restart the network and begin surfing the Internet. You will watch substantially quicker internet speed. In the event that you are not happy with the speed, at that point you can revert back the settings by choosing the alternative “Acquire DNS server address automatically”

This is the way you can change your default DNS to Google DNS for quicker internet speed. Expectation you like the post, share it with others moreover.

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