How I got My New Blog Post Indexed Within 5 Minutes In Google Search Engine

How I got My Newly Published Post Indexed Within 5 Minutes In Google Search Engine

I have been encountering this type big time problem with search engine optimization problem and indexing. Each time I publish my post, it usually takes decades before it is indexed in google, I am just exaggerating.

So in order to solve my problem I visited some blogs, facebook group and posts to learn more, I also asked so many question in on Bloggers Helping Bloggers group on facebook.

After learning a lot on this particular topic, I was able to draft out the simplest way of get my post indexed on google search engine 5-10 minutes after publication. I know that before reading this post you might have submitted your site and sitemap to google search console.

This has worked well for me, so also it will work for you.

Note: Before it works for you, google will have to review your post and find it worthy to be indexed. I don’t know how they do it. So it is impossible to predict google’s actions. Below is the steps I followed and got indexed in less than 10 minutes.

Steps To Get Your New Published Indexed In Google Search Engine Within 10 Minutes

There may be some other way that worked out for you or others. But this one was the one that worked for me. So if you feel that you post is worthy to be indexed in google search engine you can also try this step with me.

Note: When doing this, you are requesting for google to index your post. The request may be accepted or not, also consider using chrome or other unique browser to
perform this task. Also avoid using to nofollow tag on any link in the post, if you want it to be successful.

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  • Login to your Google Search Console
  • Click on the Website you submitted, verified and has submitted sitemap to select.
  • Click on dashboard of the website you just selected, at the left side menu, wait for the page to load.
  • Still at the left-side navigation menu, click on Crawl.
  • A dropdown menu will appear click on Fetch As Google
  • Enter slug of the post in the input field. Slug are those words and (-) symbols that appear immediately your domain name, in your post link.

    Your slug looks like this: how-to make-money-online-with-youtube/

    then click either Fetch or Fetch And Render button.

  • You may be asked to select SERP for smartphone or desktop, it all depends on the button you clicked, so you have to select your choice.
  • Click the Request Indexing button. Confirm that you are not a robot and click on check radio-like button indicating Crawl only this URL .
  • “Complete” text will appear in the status column portraying that the request was successfully completed.
  • You can check back latter to see the link(s) indexing request reports.

  • Nobody is an Island Of Knowledge, you can make us learn more by your comments. If you have other ways of making you post index faster on SERP, Feel free to drop it using the comment area.

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