How Clixsense Legit Online Earning Report Inspired Me To Join The Network

Clixsense is an online website that pays for taking surveys, completing offers, downloading apps, signing up for websites, watching videos, completing simple crowdflare tasks, clixsense started in the year 2012 with it head office in United States of America, this is just a brief description.

How Clixsense Earning Report Inspired Me To Join The Network

Early this year 2017, I encountered a scam Russian website named Jandengi.

Jandengi is a website that claims to pay 5 rubles for typing a captcha code, and the minimum payout as said was 7000 rubles. I worked this out within 7 days, next was to get 40 referrals, I also worked this out, next was that I should wait for 2 months, I waited up to 4 months but no improvement, then I marked the website a scam, same thing other victims are complaining.

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Nevertheless, after such bad experience with Jandengi scam website, I decided to google legit website that pay for doing work online. I click on almost all the result in the first page in the search engine, then I browse through a blog named onlinejoboffer whose admin had experience with legit online pay to do work online website (Clixsense).

I searched the website reviews on google and got positive result so i decided to test the network. So today am sharing how this legitimate clixsense website works and how to make money from this website after much research from experienced members.

Facts You Need To Know About Clixsense

Clixsense is not a get rich website, but you can perform some of the below listed task on you leisure times rather than wasting it. But they are some listed tasks that requires little skill. Below are some ways you can earn money from clixsense.

  • Taking surveys.
  • Referral Program to ClixSense
  • Completing Crowdflower tasks
  • Completing ClixSense offers and
  • Partaking in ClixSense Daily Bonus.
  • Downloading apps.
  • Signing up for websites and watching videos.

    Review: Legit or Scam?


    There are other images I would have loved to add from this blog. But I will screenshot mine, sooner or latter to show you how legit it is.
    You might have this in your mind to ask if this website is a scam or legit?

    According to my research and reviews from experienced members, Clixsense is 100% legit. Since its inception ClixSense has paid out more than $26 million to its members, not only that member earning are displayed and you can ask questions and chat with some of the members.

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    You must be 16 years of age or older to participate in ClixSense and Clixsense is available to US and International countries.

    Methods Of Payment

    There are several methods in which Clixsense pays after reaching the minimum threshold.

  • Payoneer with minimum payout of $10.00
  • Skrill with minimum payout $10.00
  • Tango Card with minimum payout of $10.00
  • Payza with minimum payout of $10.00

    But, Minimum payout for premium members is $6.

    TOS Comply Failure

    Based on the user agreement page, you are expected to read this before signing up in order not to get your account deactivated as a result of misconduct.


    ClixSense is a good if you want to earn money during your leisure hours. You can use my referral link to signup below.
    Sign Up For Clixsense

    After registeration on ClixSense, install ClixAddon on your desktop browser, this ClixAddon notifies you whenever a new survey is available for you.

    Remember to update your profile information immediately after registration, this help the website to provide you with necessary offers and survey based on geographic location.

    All information you provide when signing up must be true and accurate.

    Some countries have higher offer, so i advice you don’t judge images you see above.

    By referring you friends and family through your referral links, you earn 20% of what they make.

    Write your thoughts, experience and suggestion using the comment area below. But note that spam.

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