6 Best Simple Niche That Pays Fine On Youtube

Youtube is one of the best place to earn money online by uploading videos of what you like doing best or most. You can learn How To Create Youtube Channel And Upload Video and also How To Monetize Youtube Channel/Video And Make Real Money .

Best Simple Niche That Pays Fine On Youtube

There are many youtube niche that grab youtube users attention, but we are going to discuss few below, but have it in mind that in every niche, there are many competitors and getting large amount of views will be little bit hard, so I suggest you make something valuable, so as to grab greater chances of gaining more viewers and earning high.

List Of Best Niche On Youtube

These are the list of nice niche which are simple and has greater chances of attracting large amount of views and subscribers.
Continue reading and learn more.

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1. Making “How To” Videos

Almost 25% of people who watch youtube videos, usually go for how to’s videos.
Many people love online video tutorials, with simple explanation. Last week I decided to watch youtube video on “how to create background using photoshop”, although there were many videos and channels avialable for my views, but the least video I saw had at least 20k views. That is to say that making and importing how to’s video can fetch you huge viewers.

2. Cooking/Baking Tutorial Videos

This is one of the most suitable niche for females. I have seen a female baker that makes $2500 monthly for just 1 video, She is a professional cake baker. All she does is to import a video of her new cake baking method and she gets 12 million views per video. Just imagine that, having 12 million views maybe at the end she gets 10 million ads click from viewer and subscribers. So if you are an awesome cook or baker with simple and understandable methods of cooking or baking, you can as well be like her and make cool money from youtube.

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3. Online Tutoring Videos

There are millions of people on youtube seeking to learn from someone. In this niche you are not require to be a professional teacher, but all you need is making the best video for user to easily understand. It does not require being a “guru”. All that matters here is simplicity.

In this niche you can be a teacher, seo experts, engineer, web designer, graphics designer and professional in other fields of study.

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5. Health and Fitness Tips.

Health is wealth is popular slogan. Millions of people encounter one problem or the other in life, and the only next step taken by them is to find solution. This niche is not just all about making money but solving people problem. You can make videos on how to cure diseases by prescribing the right drugs or natural herbs. This niche is not available for every body, doctors and other health related officer can greatly benefit from this niche by just providing health tips. Weight reduction tips for women and body building tips for men is the most trending in fitness niche. You can get you a large number of viewers and subscribers. In this niche.

6. News And Entertainment( comedy)

If you are someone who loves watching news and trending things happening. So many people love watching live thing. Taking video coverage of accidents, fights, celebrity, sports riots and even political related videos. This niche (News) is more suitable for journalists and your video(s) might be fortunate enough to rank in youtube homepage based on your locality.

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Sometimes, if you find yourself in the right place of making people laugh. You can go for comedy niche. Comedy is one the best niche for clown. There are many comedy channels that makes good money and get huge subscribers from the niche, a good example is Mark Angel Comedy Channel, this channel has grown so big that it no longer depends on ads money, the channel now advertise big companies on their videos and they are paid for doing that.

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