6 Awesome Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Have you been a good blogger with unique articles on your blog?
Although, its true that even unique and lenghty articles on you blog can not make you have quality traffic. Below are some listed strategies to get traffic to your blog or website.

Before going into the strategies, I hope you have submitted your websites to search engines.

1. Make Your SEO Friendly

Google improved its algorithm and began to differentiate between content that is actually read and appreciated. In Search Engine Optimization, If you create quality articles that visitors read on a regular basis, search engine will notice the interest in your website and make your website rank in the first page on their search results.It could take time for you to get noticed by SEO, so make an effort to identify and reach your targets. Add your blog to different search engines and don’t forget verify after adding your website or blog.

2. Share Your Articles on Social Media

Social media is an awesome way of engaging more users,Immediately after publication, you are not to wait for anyone’s permission before sharing your post on social media, sharing you articles on social media is what first runs through your thought to increase your audience. You should have page or group for this function. Don’t waiting for others to share your article from your blog, this is the mistake most bloggers do.

3. Join Online Forum

Online forum grants you opportunity to publish anything you have. Online forum are places where you can also let people know about your blog or website, and to attract them to read your contents. Example of such online community is Nairaland, In some communities (Nairaland) you are allow to share your post and links. Always have it in mind that, When posting links in your posts in an online community, make sure you make the link in such a way that it is clickable either using add link tools or other, also add relevant link(s) to your post on such community.

4. Create a Newsletter

Once a user signs up in your newsletter they updated daily/week/monthly on the recent updates in you blog, it is good if you can keep them informed about the updates that you make through a newsletter, and through this old subscribers are called back, I call this “call to action.

If you already have a bit of an audience, you might want to create a newsletter so to get more people to read your content.

5. Get The Right People Engaged

Sharing mining principles content to a Professional doctor, what will you expect in return? He will just back it off and leave the page, without even looking into the link.
If you fail to identify the right target audience for your article, then you are far away from it.

6. Work on Your Content

Last, but not least, you should always revise your content to get more people to read it. Better articles are more likely to be shared on social media. Good quality and unique content is all that search engines want ranking on their first page’s results, you will have more traffic coming from search engine if you are ranked in search engine first page results.

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